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I just wanted to again let you know how much I appreciate AOA. Sometimes in the world of apartment ownership we feel pretty much out there on our own; dealing with the hundreds of problems that come with the territory. Being part of this group, covering things with the people in the office, using the resources available has saved my sanity more than once. I have been very grateful for the support and referrals. The assistance has kept me out of trouble more than once. As far as the seminars, these days there are so many going around that I have cut back to almost none because they simply waste my time. The exception is seminars that are hosted by AOA. I know that there will be useful and information for me there because AOA is in the industry. Thank you AOA. You are truly appreciated.

- Marcella Hernandez
We attended the Wealth Building Seminar. All the speakers were very helpful. Thankyou for the great lunch and thanks to everyone who put so much thought into it to make it such an informative day. We have attended a few of your seminars, and for others who have not done so, we really recommend them to do the same. They're worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Richard, Derek and Amora Johnson
I sat by a woman during the "Wealth Building & Asset Protection Seminar" who exclaimed to her son the landlord, "this program really works, I tried it and it really works!" I wasn't ready just yet until I looked at how venerable I was to lose all my life's work. My wife went unexpectedly and I could too. I have a daughter to put through college yet. So to help protect myself and my daughter I went to the next "Wealth Building & Asset Protection Conference" and signed-up. Now I'm telling my family and friends what I did and how they could protect themselves too! I don't worry about losing my assets anymore. And I feel good about a better future for my daughter.

- Mr. Archude